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~aftercare information~

If plastic cling wrap has been applied to your tattoo. Keep this on for the first 1- 2 hours or until
you can get home. Then, remove the wrap and gently wash your tattoo with an antibacterial
pump soap and warm water. Depending on where the tattoo is, it may be easiest to wash it in the
shower but ensure not to use any exfoliating gloves on the tattoo as this will irritate and damage
the skin. Gently pat it dry with some clean paper towel or a clean towel and then apply a thin
layer of aftercare cream or Bepanthen (First Aid or Antibacterial type).
You do not need to wrap the tattoo again. Repeat the cleaning and moisturising process twice a
day, morning and night for the next 2-3 weeks.

If second skin has been applied to your tattoo you can keep the product on for 2-3 days but no
longer than a week. If your tattoo starts leaking through the edges of the product, remove
immediately. To remove, do so under warm running water and pull the product down with your
skin not up and away. After removing, give it a wash with antibacterial soap and warm water, then
pay dry and apply a small amount of aftercare cream or moisturiser. Continue to apply cream
twice a day for the next 1-2 weeks.

Your tattoo must be treated like an open wound. Ensure your hands are always clean before
touching it and clothes aren't tight & pressed against it. Bepanthen is great for the first week of
the healing process because of the antibacterial quality, however, by the second week the risk of
infection is significantly lower and your skin is in need of hydrating, so you can swap to a regular
moisturiser but continue using an antibacterial soap to clean with.

Your tattoo will get itchy, so ensure not to pick, scratch or exfoliate the skin as this can irritate and
pull ink out of the tattoo and also increase the risk of infection. To alleviate the itch you can apply
a cold press or re-apply some more cream if the skin becomes too dry throughout the day.

In the three week healing period:
~ DO NOT soak the tattoo
~ DO NOT swim in chlorinated or salt water
~ DO NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight
~ DO NOT expose your tattoo to dirt, dust, grease etc.

Caring for your tattoo is a lifelong commitment, moisturise daily and always apply a good
sunscreen if exposing your tattoo to the sun.

If you have any questions or require more aftercare information, please do not hesitate to contact
me! :)

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